Terms of Service

Customer Agreement

  1. Customers and members of any IdleServ service agree to these Terms of Service (TOS) stated throughout this document. TOS decisions and definitions are left up to the discretion of IdleServ.
  2. You agree to the terms and practices stated in our Privacy Policy.
  3. IdleServ strictly prohibits the use of it’s service’s for illegal activities. Therefore you agree that IdleServ may disclose any and all information including assigned IP numbers, history of account(s), use of account(s), etc to any law enforcement agent who makes a written request without further consent or notification to you the customer.
  4. You the customer acknowledge that the nature of the service is furnished and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to you. IdleServ may prospectively change the specified rated and charges from time to time.
  5. IdleServ has the right to suspend or terminate your service(s) upon the failure to pay charges when due. Invoice notices are sent 7 days before the due date to your e-mail address. You are responsible for remembering your renewal date and should check your e-mail regularly 7 days prior to your renewal date.
  6. Failure to pay any unpaid balances after 90 days when payment was due will result in account termination. IdleServ holds no responsibility for loss of data over unpaid accounts.
  7. Upon account suspension your website(s) will be redirected to a placeholder page which will display the IdleServ logo and link to the IdleServ website.
  8. IdleServ will not refund you for cancelled services.
  9. Content allowed on our servers excludes any “warez” related material. IdleServ also does not allow hate, internet security (hacking) or sites that link to, or relate to unlawful actions/material. Any IdleServ service may not be used to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that harasses, threatens or encourages bodily harm to another person.
  10. Hosted accounts are allowed to use up a “fair” percentage of CPU/Memory on our servers. If your account(s) become a burden on the server, your site may be suspended or be moved to another server. In extreme cases you may be asked to leave our service if we are unable to accommodate you.
  11. Hosted accounts may not run any background service of any kind. Bandwidth is not monitored to any activities performed via an account’s Shell. Abuse of this may result in extra bandwidth charges or account suspension.
  12. Use of any IdleServ service to transmit any unsolicited commercial or unsolicited bulk e-mail is expressly prohibited. Violations of this type will result in immediate account suspension or termination. A customer hosting websites or services on their account(s) that support spammers or cause any of our IP space to be listed in any of the various spam databases will have their service immediately suspended or terminated.
  13. Use of any IdleServ service collect or attempt to collect personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent is strictly prohibited.
  14. Customers of IdleServ have every right and obligation to contact us for support at any point in time. IdleServ staff may deny help to any person being rude or abusive to the point of causing discomfort to the staff member.
  15. It is not the responsibility of IdleServ to determine whether the domain name(s) you register, host with us, or the services you use infringe the legal rights of others.
  16. IdleServ will comply with court orders from courts of competent jurisdiction.
  17. Breach of any of our Terms of Service may result in a penalty fee. IdleServ has the right to deny access to your account and content until the fee is paid. If no payment is made, the account(s) will be terminated.

Network Infrastructure & Services

  1. IdleServ’s network and infrastructure is defined by domain names, hosted websites, reseller accounts, servers, switches routers and general equipment.
  2. IdleServ may deny access to anyone to its websites, servers or entire network at their discretion, with or without notice.
  3. IdleServ may suspend or terminate an account that is causing disruption or problems for other customers or services even if the violation(s) are not listed in this document.
  4. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is based on connectivity (network) and server hardware uptime. IdleServ guarantees 99.5% SLA uptime with the exception of scheduled maintenance. IdleServ makes no guarantees over hardware failure or software malfunctions.
  5. Use of IdleServ’s services to engage in any criminal activity is strictly prohibited. Storing any illegal or copyrighted content (which is not copyrighted by yourself) privately or publicly is strictly prohibited. Any claims that the copyrighted data is for backup purposes will be ignored.
  6. Use of IdleServ’s services engage into any activity which affects the ability of other people or systems to use it’s services or the Internet will not be tolerated. This includes “denial of service” (DOS) attacks against another network host or individual users. IdleServ will not tolerate any users attempting to access the accounts of others or penetrate security measures of other systems.
  7. IdleServ accepts no responsibility for damages induced to sites/accounts/servers by third parties by any kind of network or server attacks.
  8. IdleServ performs regular backups of hosting accounts but makes no guarantees over the retention of these backups. It is the customers responsibility to maintain regular backups of their data. IdleServ accepts no responsibility for of any loss of data.
  9. Each of our servers are provided with a burstable 100Mbps port and may utilize available network bandwidth in manner that is fair and reasonable to all users on the network. Because bandwidth is a shared resource amongst all users, excessive consumption of network bandwidth by a server or user account can interfere with or completely prevent normal network performance for other users. Servers are provided temporary burst (not sustained usage) of up to 100Mbps for each server as a courtesy only. Servers or user accounts that (a) average 10Mbps (106GB of data transfer) or more during any 24-hour period or (b) average 20Mbps (53.3GB of data transfer) or more during any 6-hour period or (c) average 30Mbps (40GB of data transfer) or more during any 3-hour period shall be warned and/or disconnected/suspended from the network to prevent such activities from causing deterioration in network performance for other users. Furthermore, the customer shall be responsible for all fees related to excessive bandwidth usage.
  10. Bandwidth limit is a raw limit. cPanel accounts will receive an automatic website suspension upon reaching their bandwidth limit. E-mail and FTP functionality will remain, however it is used at the discretion of the user, an overcharge fee may be issued.
  11. Breach of any of our Terms of Service may result in account suspension or termination. You may also be issued a penalty fee which will be decided upon the nature of the breach.

New Sales & Billing

  1. IdleServ has the right to deny new orders from anyone with or without notice, refunds will be issued accordingly.
  2. Domain name registrations are non-refundable and cannot be changed. IdleServ accepts no responsibility for any typing errors (spelling mistakes) you make when ordering a domain.
  3. When registering a new domain name, IdleServ will pass your personal information (name, address, phone number and e-mail) to the domain registry. This information will be publicly viewable on the domain WHOIS record and is a requirement for owning a domain registration.
  4. Any special offers or discounts are for new orders only unless otherwise stated. A customer may not cancel their existing hosting plan(s) and re-order to receive a special offer or discount. IdleServ reserves the right to deny any offers to anyone.


  1. IdleServ reserves the right to update this document with or without notice at any time.