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IdleServ has been providing web hosting services since 2003.


$9 /month

  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Website
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • PHP & MariaDB
  • WordPress
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Most popular

$18 /month

  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 2x Performance
  • WordPress
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$27 /month

  • 30GB Disk Space
  • 300GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 4x Performance
  • WordPress
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Everything you need

The ultimate control panel

Manage your hosting account with cPanel. It’s packed with apps and features to make site management a breeze.

cPanel screenshot
Easily manage your files, email accounts and everything else with the cPanel control panel. Get your new WordPress blog online within seconds with the help of our app installer.
Our servers run on the CloudLinux platform to provide better performance and security for all of our customers. All clients are isolated from each other and are prevented from using too many server resources so you’ll never have to worry about ‘noisy neighbours’.
High performance servers
Our servers are equipped with powerful Intel processors to meet the demands of the latest applications. Powered by PHP and served by the Apache HTTP Server.
Backups & RAID
We retain weekly backups of all accounts hosted on our servers so if you’ve lost something recently, we’ve got you covered. All servers utilize multiple hard disks in a RAID configuration providing excellent redundancy and performance.
Email Addresses
Manage multiple email accounts for your domain name and access them via POP, IMAP or Webmail. You may also create forwarders, autoresponders and fight spam with filters and SpamAssassin.
Store your data in the MySQL (MariaDB) database server. Easily create new databases and manage authentication via cPanel. We also provide access to phpMyAdmin allowing you to manage your data with ease.
SSH & sFTP access
Securely transfer files to and from your account via sFTP. Standard FTP access is also available. Access to your account via SSH is provided at no extra cost.
Need to run a specific version of PHP? No problem, there are a selection of versions available which can be configured per (sub)domain.
Free SSL
Securely access our services such as cPanel, POP, IMAP and SMTP with SSL encryption to make sure your user credentials and data remain secure. Free SSL certificates are also provided for your websites allowing you to secure all of your traffic.

Available with every plan

Hosting essentials included as standard

Our Superb Web Hosting is packed with fantastic features and functionality so you can run your website with ease. All hosting plans include the following as standard:

Unlimited email inboxes

Create as many mailboxes as you need.

Unlimited sub & alias domains

If you need to park multiple domains, no problem.

Unlimited databases

Create multiple MariaDB (MySQL) databases to store your website data.


Our servers actively scan all new and modified files for viruses, trojans, malware and other malicious threats.


All customers are completely isolated from each other with the power of CageFS. If a customers website is exploited due to a vulnerable script, the damage will be limited to their account and not you or the rest of the server.


Our HTTP servers utilize ModSecurity web application firewall to help protect your website from attacks and other malicious activity.


See what our past and present clients have to say about us

“TotalMotorcycle.com has been with IdleServ since they started. We have found IdleServ to offer fast speeds and excellent uptime. If you have a problem, the friendly support staff will help you out right away. TMW is pleased to be hosted by IdleServ and are very happy with choosing them. We at Total Motorcycle look forward to a long term relationship.”

“After jumping from free web host to free web host, I decided to purchase an account with IdleServ. The support is great and I’ve not had a single problem with downtime. I looked at lots of other hosts but IdleServ was the company that seemed to have the features and services that deserved my money! No complaints here!”

Paul Critchley

“Thank you very much for your great service and support, probably the best Internet services provider that I’ve come across. Please continue what you are doing and I hope that others will enjoy the type of level of service that we are getting.”


“We really appreciate the expert support and help given by Chris. His fast response to our requirements has been outstanding.”

“We provide an online UK Passport service, along with other service we are using large amounts of bandwidth and server space. Over the past 5+ years IdleServ has been hosting our projects. We have found them to be an excellent service, quick to respond to any very rare issues raised; they are extremely reliable. In my personal experience, it’s more than just a host; it’s a fantastic service that I believe other providers should take example from. I’m proud to say our hosting is with them and would truly recommend them to anyone.”

Adam Bowdin

“IdleServ is great! I came here after going through a large number of free hosts and decided to get the cPanel I plan. I couldn’t find equivalent services with anyone else... thanks IdleServ!!!”

Arthur JR

“I’ve now been with you guys for over 3 years, and not a single bad word to say! Thanks for all your help.”

David Morris

“I would recommend IdleServ to anyone, the experience they have given me has been second to none. If your looking for a fast, reliable and friendly host with small downtime then take my word for it, sign up for IdleServ now. IdleServ has done more than beyond their obligations to keep my site online and fast.”

Liam F

“Your service was highly recommended to me by a good friend and I must admit they are spot on. Your service has been perfect from the get go. I had a very bad hosting experience with one of your competitors that left a bitter taste, however I find your service to be concise, well executed, user friendly and above all FAST! Its nice that my website is responsive, with fast database access and full compatibility with all modern CMS’s, all of which can be installed easily via your Cpanel setup software. 10 out of 10, will happily recommend your service to anyone :-)”

James Stalley-Moores